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My Story

My name is Cora Fox and I am a Minneapolis Henna Artist. 


Inspired by life at a young age, I discovered I could attempt to represent the true beauty and complexity of nature with art and my pencil. While the universe has had much in store for my life, henna art has remained a constant. From the age of 14, it has followed me into adulthood, embedded itself into my life, and turned into a lasting love affair. 


I have never had any formal training with henna. However, I owe much of my success through the years to the guidance of world reowned henna artists such as Victoria Welch and Lisa Seltzer, as well as  the amazing support from Minnesota/Wisconsin Henna community. 


While art will always be close to me, I currently work as a Behavior Analyst teaching young children with autsim.

Henna is my passion, my pastime, and my future. I cannot wait to share this gift with you! 



Peace, Love, and Henna

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