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Flowerchild Henna is proud to offer a range of

Henna art services to all bodies regardless of faith, age, sex, or toils. Together we can create a world of peace through love.


Flowerchild ONLY uses

safe and natural henna.

Henna is NEVER black. 


-Contact Cora for more information regarding services listed below and pricing options-

Bridal Henna

Celebrate your big day with Flowerchild. With you every step of the way, Cora will design bridal mehndi that fits you and your union with any specialized motifs, style, or designs close to your heart.




Healing Henna


Drawn with the intent of healing, Cora's henna crowns, palms, or cuffs have brought many clients in need of extra love the strength they needed to perservere through the darkness. 

Belly Blessings

Motherhood is truly a blessing of life. Highlight the life sustaining love motherhood brings at your Blessignway, or welcome a new bright life at your baby shower with Flowerchild. 


Festival Henna
Flowerchild knows festivals and fairs. Fully equipped with a tent, a table, and a couple of bright cloths, Cora will honor any event the best way she knows how - a variety of designs for all ages to enjoy. 
Henna at Parties
Graduations, Birthdays, Bachleorette, Store Openings, Lady's Nights - Henna can be shared with all! With special pricing or designs to accomodate large groups , Flowerchild can help make any occasion a henna occasion. 
Personal Appointments
Thinking of getting a permanent tattoo but want to test it? Have an itch to recieve henna for your own occasions? Never had henna before and want to try it out? Flowerchild can make that happen.
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